Something extraordinary is about to hit Dubai, and it’s on wheels! We’re cooking up an exciting launch that will change the way you think about paint shopping.
Something extraordinary is about to hit Dubai, and it’s on wheels! We’re cooking up an exciting launch that will change the way you think about paint shopping.

Elevating Interior Spaces with Renovation and Maintenance Services in Dubai

Premier Hospitality Fit-Out Services in Dubai | Red Chillies Interiors

Welcome to Red Chillies Interiors, where exceptional design meets operational excellence in the heart of Dubai’s hospitality sector. Our fit-out services cater to a diverse range of establishments, including restaurants, clubs, cafés, spas, lounges, and even pop-up venues, ensuring that each space we touch turns into a captivating experience for its guests.

Why Red Chillies Interiors (RCi)?

At RCi, we understand that the hospitality industry thrives on first impressions and guest satisfaction. This understanding drives our commitment to delivering spaces that not only dazzle and delight but also function flawlessly under the rigors of high customer turnover. Our expertise in designing for diverse hospitality environments, from luxurious spas to bustling cafés and vibrant clubs, allows us to provide tailored solutions that reflect the unique personality and ambitions of each client.

Our Hospitality Fit-Out Solutions Process:

Strategic Planning

We start by assessing the specific needs of venues like restaurants, lounges, or spas, considering both guest interaction and operational efficiency.

Custom Design Development

Our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically crafted to enhance customer flow and maximize the use of space.

Material Procurement and Installation

We source durable and high-quality materials that stand the test of time and complement the Dubai hospitality scene.

Comprehensive Project Management

From initial concept to final execution, our projects are managed with strict adherence to timelines and budget constraints.

Detailed Handover and Follow-up

We ensure every detail is perfected and provide ongoing support post-handover to guarantee client satisfaction.


We specialize in creating bespoke interiors for restaurants, clubs, cafés, spas, and lounges, offering everything from space planning and design to project management and fit-out execution.

Expertly designed spaces not only attract more guests but also enhance their overall experience, encouraging repeat visits and positive reviews, which are crucial in Dubai’s competitive hospitality market.

Our deep experience in Dubai’s hospitality industry allows us to deliver projects that perfectly balance style with practicality, all tailored to your specific brand and customer base.

Through thoughtful design that combines elegant aesthetics with ergonomic and functional elements to ensure guest comfort and satisfaction.

Current trends include integrating technology for enhanced guest interaction, sustainable materials, and designs that offer flexible use spaces to accommodate different types of gatherings.

Yes, our design team excels at translating your brand’s story into physical spaces that communicate your values and aesthetic to guests.

By using innovative design techniques and furniture arrangements that enhance both the style and functionality of small to large spaces.

The process involves initial consultations, customized design planning, execution of the design with high-quality materials, and final detailing to ensure perfection.

Depending on the scope and specifics of the project, the timeline can vary, but we focus on efficiency to minimize disruption to your business.

We maintain rigorous project management protocols and clear communication to keep everything aligned with your expectations.